Warranty Log Book Servicing
If you’re concerned about preserving your manufacturers’ warranty but also want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, Pagewood Automotive can help.

EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
We have and use the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to read fault codes on all makes and models.

Brake Service
Brake Service Includes disc pads and brake shoe replacement on front or rear wheels. Front disc machining is available. Brake calipers over-hauled.

Car Servicing
Major and Minor services includes grease and oil change, tune-up and safety inspection on all vehicles.

Air Conditioning
Latest vehicle air conditioning recovery and re-gassing equipment using only R134a for your aircon regas.
Registered ARC Member.

Rego Inspection / E safety/Blue Slip
Roadworthy inspection report.

Clutch Repairs
Full clutch replacement service for all makes and models.

Diesel servicing
Full workshop facilities for the servicing of diesel engines.

Cooling system
Radiator pressure test, inspection of hoses for leaks, check coolant level, Check water pump for leaks. Tension belts if needed.

Engine Tuning
Complete engine tune-up, fuel injectors cleaned, air intake system and fuel lines inspected.

Transmission services, repairs and replacement is available.

Muffler & Exhaust
Exhaust system inspected for leaks or damage. Replacement with quality mufflers and components.

We test and inspect all suspension components for wear. We use quality suspension parts.

We stock a large large of passenger and 4WD/Commercial Bosch and Lion car batteries. All come with 2 years warranty.

New Tyres,Computer Balancing and Tubeless Tyre Repairs.



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